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Welcome to Radio Exchange, a free marketplace with a hamfest atmosphere, for hams and radio enthusiasts to list receivers, transmitters, parts and associated items. 
In order to keep spammers off the site, all postings need to be sent to the link listed below.  The item for sell or swap should be on-site within 24 hours, usually sooner. 
Each one having an ad posted will have it on their own page, so write your listing as you want it to appear.  Each page will be identified by call and first name or just first name if there isn't a amateur radio call sign. 
I will be pasting your ad onto your individual page as you send
it to me.   Please include all necessary details in order that a
prospective buyer/trader can get in touch with you.  
No names, phone numbers or email addresses will be available from me independent of the please don't ask.  
If you have any questions, just use the link below and put Radio Exchange on the subject line of your email.  I receive nearly a 100 emails a day so it will make it easier for me.
So...let's enjoy Radio Exchange and make it a great place to visit.  Just like a hamfest without the hotdogs. 
Many thanks and good luck. 
Dave W9OCM
Suggestions and comments are welcome as they will help this site be of service to as many as possible.

Click Here For Ads Or Questions - Put Radio Exchange on Subject Line.

Don't let the old, broken electronic pieces be trashed.  Place a free ad here to keep the parts in circulation!!  Got an old radio that you're considering throwing away?  Try placing a free ad for it on Radio Exchange and properly recycle it into the hands of one who can use it.
We're not trying to compete with or replace eBay
We are just wanting a site that will be fun for all.
Old radios don't die...they just help keep another set going!